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Smena cameras are extremely simple both in design and in use. They were the most affordable in the Soviet Union, and many soviet photographers began their photographic experience with Smena cameras.

All cameras were manufactured at the LOMO factory (located in Leningrad) or BelOMO (located in Belarus).

Smena Cameras are distinguished not only by the fact that they were produced in unimaginable quantities but also by the fact that these cameras were phenomenally constant in their features. 

These cameras were produced from the early 50s to the mid-90s. Throughout the entire production period, the Smena cameras practically did not differ in their equipment, only the appearance changed.

But nonetheless, Smenas are not bad or toy cameras. Their low price was somehow magically inversely related to their good quality. The cameras were made of sufficiently high-quality plastic and were equipped with surprisingly good Triplet lenses that give a wonderful vintage effect in photos.