Smena 9

smena 9

As we have said more than once, the Soviet industry was not very fond of changes and innovations, and often for many years and even decades produced almost the same camera without any changes.

smena 9 lomo
ussr camera

One of the striking examples is the Smena 9 camera, which is not much different from all other models of this brand. For example, this camera differs from Smena 8 only in the absence of a self-timer.

soviet cameras

Like all other cameras, Smena 9 was made of plastic, but of quite high quality. Like the other cameras, Smena 9 does not have a rangefinder or a mirror mechanism, which means focusing is done using the distance scale on the lens.

smena 9 camera

The camera was equipped with a non-replaceable Triplet T-43 4/40 lens. The angle of the field of view of the lens is 55 °. Almost all of the latest Smena cameras were equipped with exactly the same lens.

smena 9 soviet camera
smena 9 ussr camera

Also, the camera was equipped with a central shutter, with shutter speeds of 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 and B. The cocking of the shutter is not blocked with film advancing.

soviet camera
ussr camera smena 9

Also on the top of the camera, there was a frame counter and a cold shoe for attaching additional devices. For example, you can place an additional rangefinder, to simplify the focusing process.

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