Soviet Cameras

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Lubitel 2 medium format soviet camera
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Zenit camera 1952

This site is dedicated to Soviet cameras, lenses and other photographic accessories that were created on the territory of the Soviet Union.

Our website team consists of photographers, editors and technicians who are passionate about film photography, history and collecting. Using all our knowledge and experience, we try to collect and systematize all information about the Soviet photographic industry on our website.

We divided the site into categories and sections, added tags and subdivisions to make it easy for the reader to find information about the required camera or lens.

What are Soviet cameras and why are they interesting?

Soviet cameras are an unusual monument of history and technological prowess. Cameras produced in the Soviet Union had a number of features that are difficult to find in any other cameras of that era.

Firstly, the overwhelming majority of cameras produced in the territory of the USSR were somehow clones of German (Leica for example) or Japanese (Nikon and Pentax) cameras. Secondly, almost all USSR cameras were created with an eye on a poor audience, as a result of which they often had very lagging characteristics and sometimes poor workmanship.

But despite this, the desire to keep up with the global photographic industry forced Soviet engineers to create quite interesting cameras and lenses with very meager technological capacities and a bunch of various restrictions at their disposal.

Nowadays, such cameras as Zenit, Smena, Moscow, etc. are not only a rather interesting and inexpensive collectible, but also cameras with which you can take very interesting and unusual photographs.

At various flea markets and online stores, you can find well-preserved specimens at very low, sometimes ridiculous prices.

Despite their cheapness and often rough appearance, these cameras are able to surprise you with both the quality of the pictures and the unusual atmosphere that is created with the help of Soviet lenses.