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Hello dear reader and welcome to sovietcameras.org.

We are a team of people who love art very much and primarily visual art. In addition, we really love old-school cameras. Over the years, a large number of Soviet cameras began to accumulate on our shelves, which is constantly used and creates beautiful photo shots.

And we thought, why not share our knowledge and experience about Soviet technology with the world?

And so we created this site. Here we will tell you about everything we know about Soviet cameras and lenses. In addition, we will, of course, share our photographs taken with Soviet cameras.

We have tried to make the site as convenient as possible for our readers. All cameras and lenses that are collected on our website are systematized in such a way that the search for the desired item is not difficult and you can quickly and conveniently find the information you need and get acquainted with both the characteristics of a particular camera and the photographs taken on it.

In addition, on the pages of our website, we tell the story of the creation of Soviet cameras and what path the Soviet photo industry has gone through.

We also talk about how and where to buy Soviet photo equipment, how to check it and how to repair it if necessary.

It should also be noted that our site is not a dry statement of facts. We use those cameras that we write about, and therefore we talk not only about their characteristics, but also about what this camera can be interesting in, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

We are doing work that is of great interest to us, and we hope that our articles on sovietcameras.org will also be of interest to you.

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