arfo 2 camera
ARFO-2a ussr large format camera
ARFO-4 camera
Komsomolets arfo large format

At the beginning of 1933, the production of cameras, called the ARFO (abbreviated from the Artel Foto-Trud), was separated into an independent direction from the production-cooperative partnership Foto-Trud.

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From 1929 to 1938, 130 thousand pieces of EFTE and ARFO cameras were produced.

ARFO cameras were a logical continuation of EFTE cameras. You can also see that the ARFO cameras began with the second model, that is, the camera called EFTE-2 was simply renamed to ARFO-2.

Models had slight differences from each other, and in fact, were partial copies of German cameras of those years.

Closer to the latest models the cameras have become a little better and more convenient. The latest model already had the name Komsomolets (not to be confused with Komsomolets, which was produced at GOMZ).