Smena 8

Smena 8

“If you want to purchase an inexpensive modern small-format camera, then Smena-8 fully meets these requirements”

Smena 8 is the simplest Soviet camera manufactured by the LOMO association from 1963 to 1971. This camera was the forerunner of the legendary Smena 8m.

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This camera was an improved version of the earlier Smenas of the sixth and seventh models. One of the main advantages of the Smena 8 from previous models is the ability to rewind the film, which was a pretty useful feature.

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soviet smena 8 camera

Since the camera was supplied in large quantities outside the borders of the Soviet Union, you can now meet a variety of Globals or Cosmos, which essentially are the same Semanas.

Since the beginning of 1969, a simplified version of the Smena was produced and called Smena 9. The camera differed from the eighth version by the lack of a self-timer. In the early seventies, the legendary Smena 8m replaced Smena 8.

The Smena 8m camera was equipped with a T-43 4/40 triplet lens. Focusing is done using the distance scale. But focusing can be simplified with an optional rangefinder that can be mounted on a cold shoe.

Smena 8 camera
Smena 8 ussr

Also, the camera was equipped with a central shutter with shutter speeds of 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 and B. In addition, the camera has a flash sync port. Shutter speeds, of course, are few, but considering the price, this is a pretty good set.

Smena 8 soviet camera
smena camera

Smena 8 is a very good camera, although it looks more like a toy. The camera is equipped with a beautiful lens that gives very interesting photos with a cool vintage effect.

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