What is Shutter

The shutter is one of the main exposure controls for photography. This is a device that regulates shutter speed, that is, the duration of exposure to light on a film or camera matrix.

What is Shutter

When the shutter is opened for a certain exposure time, the amount of light is dosed and the exposure is adjusted. Depending on the design and principle of closing, this part of the camera can be curtain or leaf.

If you plan to shoot outdoors in bright light and use a high flash sync speed, then a device with a mechanical shutter will do. It doses the amount of light rays falling on the photographic material and at the same time protects the film or matrix from dust.

Mechanical shutters are curtain and leaf. Curtain ones have a high speed and a long instant exposure. In the design of such a shutter, two parts are used, separated by a gap. It resembles curtains, hence the name.


The shutters close and open at the time of shooting, allowing you to make the exposure even. The shooting process finishs at the moment when the frame window is closed. At the start of the exposure, light enters the slit, and when the slit shutter is triggered, one curtain opens the frame window and light enters the film or matrix.

When the exposure time ends, another curtain closes the frame window. This is one operation cycle. The exposure time depends on the width of the slit. A mechanical shutter, like any mechanical device, can wear out over time.

The manufacturer determines the reliability of the shutter as a result of preliminary testing. In this way, the guaranteed life of the this part of the camera can be calculated.

Shutter speeds


The design of the leaf shutter is somewhat different. In this case, this part of the camera consists of thin plates that open towards the edges and close in the opposite direction. Thus, the light flow is distributed more evenly. This type is located between the objective lenses. The faster the shutter closes, the more valuable the device is to the photographer and the better the pictures will be.

Leaf shutter


Digital cameras contain an electronic shutter that is built into the camera’s sensor. There are no moving parts, and therefore the convenience of the this type is that it operates without noise and vibration.

This is important in those situations when the photographer needs to remain unnoticed, because the operation of a mechanical one can attract the attention of the subject being photographed. For example, the electronic one is more convenient when shooting close-ups of wildlife, sports events, and theatrical productions. Silent shutter operation is also important when shooting small children or pets.

The disadvantages of electronic shutters include the fact that the image quality is lost, because the reading of the matrix cells occurs sequentially. To improve the quality of shooting in professional equipment, a mechanical shutter is also installed.

As a rule, outdated cameras have disadvantages, and modern models work much better. In new devices, the electronic shutter is fast and can provide shorter exposure time. Thus, the electronic shutter allows you to capture fast action and capture even the briefest moments.

Electronic shutter

A modern photographer has all the necessary gadgets in their cameras that help them to take pictures quickly and without thinking about the technical aspects of the camera. But the team of our site believes that understanding such concepts as exposure, aperture, focal length, etc. is essential for any photographer.

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