Moskva-4 medium format rangefinder camera was a continuation of the Moskva-2 and produced at the KMZ plant from 1955 to 1958.


Moskva-4, like many Soviet cameras, is a copy of a German camera, in this case of Super Ikonta from Carl Zeiss. Like the previous cameras from the Moskva family, this device, with its small dimensions, produces excellent quality 6×9 images.

Moskva-4 Specifications

  • Type: medium format rangefinder folding camera
  • Manufacturer: KMZ plant
  • Production period: 1955-1958
  • Format: 6x9cm and 6x6cm on 120 film
  • Lens mount: fixed lens
  • Lens: Industar-23 f4.5/110
  • Shutter: leaf shutter with speeds from 1 to 1/250 sec.
  • Viewfinder: optical parallax viewfinder not combined with a rangefinder
  • Lighmeter: none
  • Flash synchronisation: sync socket “X”
  • Selftimer: none
  • Weight: 854 grams
Moskva-4 review

Although it is not visible at first glance, the Moskva-4 camera has a number of improvements in comparison with the Moskva-2.

Firstly, unlike previous models, Moskva-4 can shoot not only in 6×9 format, but also in 9×9 format. Secondly, the camera is equipped with a sync contact, and synchronization is possible at any shutter speed, since the camera is equipped with a leaf shutter.

Moskva-4 camera review

The Moskva-4 camera is equipped with an Industar-23 f4.5/110 lens, like all previous models of this series. As we wrote earlier, this lens is capable of producing really good shots with sufficient sharpness and pleasant background blur.

It is very interesting that the medium format Industars were made noticeably better than the Industars for 35mm cameras. The Industar lenses made for the Moskva, Iskra and Salut cameras were close in many respects to the German Tessar lenses.

Moskva-4 lens

Like the Moskva-1, -2 and -3 cameras, this camera is equipped with a shutter with speed from 1/125 to 1 sec. Nowadays, this set of shutter speeds seems insufficient for comfortable shooting, but we will remind you that we are talking about a medium format camera from the 50s.

It is only worth noting that due to the fact that the camera has a lens with a focal length of 110cm, you can shoot handheld at two shutter speeds, that is, 1/100 and 1/250. Shooting at slower shutter speeds can result in blurry shots.

Soviet 120 film camera review

Like all Moskva cameras, this model is assembled very well. The camera has an opening back cover, unlike the subsequent Moskva-5, in which the back cover is completely removed.

The camera looks very stylish and vintage, shooting with this film camera, you will definitely not remain invisible on the street.

Soviet folding camera review


The Moskva-4 camera is a very good choice for those who want to shoot at the maximum frame size on 120 film. This camera is in many ways superior to previous models, in addition, nowadays you can find this device in good condition and at a relatively low price.

But we must not forget that the Moskva-4 camera was created for leisurely shooting, and working with it is reminiscent of working with old large-format cameras of the early 20th century.


moskva-4 photo
Moskva-4, Industar-23 f4.5/110, Fomapan 100
soviet film camera photos
Moskva-4, Industar-23 f4.5/110, Fomapan 100
Moskva-4 photo examples
Moskva-4, Industar-23 f4.5/110, Fomapan 200
Moskva-4 review
Moskva-4, Industar-23 f4.5/110, Fomapan 100

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