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Lubitel 166b

Lubitel 166b

After the LOMO factory realized that the Lubitel 166 camera was unreliable, it was decided to create a simpler but more reliable version and name it Lubitel 166b.

Lubitel 166 camera
lubitel 166b camera

As we have repeatedly said, the Soviet Union did not know how to create something at the same time complex and reliable, and therefore the choice was between difficult and unreliable, and reliable, but simple as a piece of wood.

And of course, there are practically no changes compared to the very first models, that is, with Lubitel 1 and Lubitel 2. And those changes that exist are purely cosmetic in nature.

Like all previous models, the Lubitel 166b is made of plastic, but of high enough quality. It also has two lenses. T-22 f4.5/75 lens for taking photos and a focusing lens with an aperture of f2.8.

soviet camera

But despite this, the Lubitel 166b camera has a unique charm of Soviet photographic equipment.

The genes of his distant ancestor Voigtländer Brillant are still felt in this camera. The simple design, simple technical solutions applied in the camera, combined with amazing image quality make the Lubitel 166b a perfect solution for everyone who wants to start taking 120 film format photographs.

Lubitel 166b soviet medium format camera

The Lubitel 166b, like all its predecessors, is designed for medium format film of type 120 with a 6x6cm frame format.

This medium format camera is equipped with a central shutter with shutter speeds of 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 and B

On the back cover, there is a small round window with a red filter in order to visually control the rewinding of the film. As in previous cameras, in Lubitel 166b, film rewinding and shutter cocking are not conjugated, and there is no mechanical restriction on film rewinding, which means that you can make double exposure.

Lubitel 166b medium format camera

A film rewinding knob is located on the right side of the Lubitel 166b, and a cold shoe for attaching the flash and additional devices is located on the right side.

At the bottom, there is a tripod jack and on top is a waist-level viewfinder for sighting and focusing.


soviet medium format camera lubitel 166

Despite the fact that the lens has an aperture of 4.5, and the maximum shutter speed is 250, this is quite enough for a leisurely shoot.

Lubitel 166b photo
Lubitel 166b photos

The biggest problem is that when buying this camera you will have to adjust the lens, and focusing with a small dark ground glass circle is not a particularly easy task.

soviet 120 format film camera
soviet medium format camera

The Lubitel 166b is an excellent camera in order to get acquainted with the classic Soviet photographic equipment. Yes, the camera is very simple. But at the same time, it has a unique charm and style.

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