The ARFO-3 camera is an improved version of the ARFO-2a camera. Unlike earlier versions, this camera has a double bellows extension, as well as a vertical and horizontal front standard shift.

Large format soviet camera

The ARFO-3 camera had a 9 x 12 format and was equipped with an anastigmat ARFO lens of 13.5 cm, f – 1 / 4.5. The shutter had the same shutter speeds as previous versions, i.e. 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, B and T (for focusing on a ground glass).

As we said earlier, according to design decisions ARFO-3 is an improved model of ARFO-2. The name of the model is stamped on a leather handle, as on all EFTE and ARFO cameras.

This very simple camera has almost everything that may be needed for beginner photographers who want to start taking pictures in a large format.

ARFO-3 large format camera
large format ARFO-3
large format soviet camera arfo

As with all other large format cameras made in the Soviet Union, it is very difficult to find a copy in good condition. If you find ARFO-3 in good condition, then you will need to disassemble, clean, lubricate and adjust the camera.

Large format soviet camera arfo 3

By purchasing this camera, you will get a wonderful experience with old photographic equipment. These Soviet cameras were rather rude clones of German cameras. Of course, the quality of Soviet cameras does not reach the German level, but nevertheless, these are excellent examples of old technology.

By the way, which Soviet cameras do you like the most? Do you have Soviet cameras, if not, do you want to purchase one of them? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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