The Electra-112 is a Soviet small-format automatic rangefinder camera that was produced at the Leningrad Optical-Mechanical Association (LOMO) from 1980 to 1984.

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The first models had a metal body in combination with black leatherette trim. The latest models were completely black. The back panel opens like a door, which is quite modern for the Soviet Union of those years. The film advance lever was also a fairly modern and useful solution, greatly simplifying shooting.

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Like the previous rangefinders from LOMO, that is, the Sokol and Sokol 2, the Electra-112 had automatic exposure control. And just like in previous cameras, this device has automatic parallax compensation. A round sensor in the front of the lens is responsible for measuring light.

The camera was equipped with a fairly good non-replaceable Industar 2.8/40 lens. A similar lens was used in the LOMO 135. Focusing occurs using a rangefinder system.

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But do not forget that this is the Soviet Union, so it could not do without simplifications and cheapening. For example, the rangefinder base has decreased from 67mm to 33mm.

The camera was equipped with a fairly advanced central shutter at that time with shutter speeds from 2 to 1/500 sec. The user sets the aperture and the device selects the shutter speed corresponding to the aperture, film sensitivity and scene illumination.

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The Electra-122 is a fairly pleasant device. It looks stylish, feels nice in the hands and the functionality is quite good. But as has been repeatedly said on the pages of Sovietcameras.org, in the Soviet Union there were great difficulties with any innovations. And the Electra-122 is no exception. Despite its equipment, everything in the camera was far from perfect. Electronics does not always work as it should, and this fact often spoils the impression of using this device.

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