The Best Soviet SLR Cameras

A huge number of SLR cameras were created in the USSR, and in this article we will look at the best Soviet SLR cameras.

Here we will not consider rare or collectible models. We will tell you only about those models that you can buy nowadays and get decent pictures with them.

the best soviet slr cameras

The Best Soviet SLR Camera: Introduction

The world of photography is incredibly diverse and constantly evolving, but there is a certain charming aspect to Soviet single-lens reflex cameras that continues to attract amateurs and professionals alike.

Built within limited technological and economic constraints, these cameras demonstrate the engineering prowess and creativity of their time.

In this article, we take a trip back in time to look at these cameras not just as technical devices, but as witnesses to history and culture. From Zenit to Kiev and Almaz, each camera will tell its own unique story and show how Soviet photography left its mark on the world history of photography.

Since a lot of Single Lens Reflex Cameras were produced in the USSR, in this article we will first look at 3mm SLR cameras, then medium format models, then we will decide which option might suit you best.

The Best Soviet 35mm SLR cameras


zenit 3m kmz

Zenit-3M is a classic Soviet SLR camera produced by the Krasnogorsk plant in the 1960s. This model became one of the first mass-produced SLR cameras in the USSR.

Design: The camera has a durable metal body with a minimalist design typical of the time. Classic look and reliable feeling.

Features: Manually adjustable shutter speed and aperture, compatible with lenses with M39 threaded mount. Lack of built-in light meter.

Advantages: Ease of use, reliability and robust design. Ideal for beginner photographers who want to learn the basics of film photography.


zenit 122

Zenit-122 is a Soviet single-lens reflex camera produced by the Krasnogorsk plant in the early 1990s. This model is a development of previous cameras in the Zenit series and is aimed at the amateur segment.

Design: Compact and lightweight plastic body with improved ergonomics compared to previous models.

Features: Built-in light meter, simple controls, compatible with M42 lenses.

Advantages: Low price, ease of operation and ease of use. A good choice for beginner amateur photographers.

Zenit-AM and AM-2


Zenit-AM is a modernized version of the classic Zenit camera, released in the 1980s. This model was an improvement on previous designs.

Design: Improved housing with a more modern and functional design.

Features: Automatic exposure control, built-in exposure meter, compatible with K and M42 mount lenses.

Advantages: Quite high build quality, ease of use and reliability. Suitable for more advanced photography enthusiasts.


Kiev-19 review

Kyiv-19 is a Soviet camera developed in the 1980s at the Arsenal plant. This model is aimed at more professional photographers than most Zenit cameras.

Design: Metal body with functional and professional design.

Features: Automatic aperture, built-in exposure meter, compatible with Nikon F mount lenses.

Advantages: Excellent image quality, high reliability and accuracy of settings. An excellent choice for professionals.



Almaz-103 is a Soviet film camera developed in the 1980s. It is one of the most advanced models among Soviet cameras, combining innovative technologies and functionality.

Design: Almaz-103 has a modern design for its time with improved ergonomics. The body is made of high-quality materials, which gives the camera a feeling of durability and reliability.

Features: The camera is equipped with automatic exposure control. It also supports the use of lenses with M42 thread connection.

Advantages: The main advantage of Almaz-103 is its automatic exposure system, an excellent set of shutter speeds, as well as a pleasant and convenient viewfinder.

The Best Soviet Medium Format SLR cameras


Kiev-60 is a medium format SLR camera released in the 1980s. Designed for professional and semi-professional photography.

Design: Rugged and reliable metal body, typical for medium format cameras.

Features: 6×6 format on 120mm film, compatible with Pentacon Six mount lenses.

Advantages: Excellent image quality, the ability to shoot in medium format at an affordable price. Ideal for studio photography.


the best soviet slr cameras kiev 88

The Kiev-88, often referred to as the “Soviet Hasselblad”, is a medium format SLR camera developed in the 1960s.

Design: Modular design with the ability to change backs and viewfinders, which makes this camera one of the few professional medium format cameras made in the USSR.

Features: 6×6 format on 120 film. A great way to try out a Hasselblad without spending the price of the car.

Advantages: High quality of assembly and image, modularity and flexibility of use. An excellent choice for professional medium format photography.

The Best Soviet SLR Cameras: Conclusion

So, what is the best Soviet SLR camera?

Of course, it all depends solely on your goals and desires. If you are looking for a stylish looking and completely mechanical camera, then this is the Zenit-3M. If you are looking for a Soviet Single Lens Reflex Camera that will do almost all the work for you, then this is Zenit-AM and AM-2. Well, if you are looking for something in the middle, then this is Zenit-122 and Kiev-19.

To sum up, we see that Soviet single-lens reflex cameras are not just historical artifacts, but living tools capable of inspiring creative souls today.

Their unique combination of simplicity, reliability and acceptable quality makes them not only valuable pieces for collectors, but also a powerful tool in the hands of modern photographers.

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