FED-3 is a Soviet rangefinder camera manufactured by the FED Kharkov Industrial Engineering Association from 1961 to 1979.


FED-3 was a further development of the FED 2 camera. Unlike the previous model, the FED-3 camera had slow shutter speeds and the film advance lever in the latest versions.

soviet rangefinder

Of course, this camera was much inferior to such cameras as the Zorki-3 or the Kiev rangefinder cameras. But with all this, one must understand that FED-3 was much cheaper than the aforementioned cameras.

fed camera
fed ussr

The camera was equipped with an Industar-26m f2,8/50 lens, and closer to the end of production with an Industar-61 f2,8/53 lens. Both of these lenses create stunning photos with a great vintage effect. Like most Soviet cameras, FED-3 has an M39 threaded mount inherited from the Leica II. Focusing is done using a rangefinder.

FED-3 soviet camera
fed industar

FED-3 was equipped with a shutter with shutter speeds of 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 second and B. This row of shutter speeds is quite enough for almost any purpose. Only 1/1000 is missing here for the perfect set. But because of these long exposures, the camera body has become higher, and the rangefinder base has decreased from 67mm to 41mm.

soviet fed-3 camera
ussr cameras

Like the previous cameras of this brand, FED-3 is made of fairly high-quality metal. There is no plastic, and the build quality is at a fairly good level (especially by the standards of the Soviet Union).

The camera is also equipped with a self-timer and a cold shoe. In addition, FED3 has a diopter correction, which is carried out by rotating the ring around the viewfinder.

soviet fed-3
fed-3 camera manual


Although FED-3 is not the most advanced camera, it has all the minimum functions that are necessary for full work with 35mm film. There is a good range of shutter speeds, a good range finder, and just excellent lenses. You can use this camera for a wide variety of genres of photography, from portraits to landscapes.


fed-3 photographs
FED-3, Industar-26m f2,8/50, Kodak Gold 200
fed-3 photo
FED-3, Industar-26m f2,8/50, Kodak Gold 200
FED-3, Industar-26m f2,8/50, Kodak Gold 200
FED-3, Industar-26m f2,8/50, Kodak Gold 200

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