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The large-format Soviet camera called ARFO-2a was produced from 1933 to 1938. The ARFO-2a is a 9×12 plate folding camera. Focusing is done by the ground glass using a lever drive located in front on the slides of the lens board. In addition, focusing is done by the distance scale. The camera has single stretching bellows, without a device for decentration of the lens.

soviet large format camera
soviet camera

The camera was equipped with an ARFO shutter with shutter speeds of 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, “B” and “T”.

The name of the model is stamped on a leather handle, as on all EFTE and ARFO cameras.

ARFO soviet camera
ARFO-2 soviet large format camera
ARFO-2a ussr camera

The shooting was carried out on a photographic plate installed in a removable cassette, which was installed instead of a cassette with a ground glass, as in all similar folding cameras.

When folded, the camera is compact enough and fits in a pocket or small case with several spare cartridges.

ARFO-2a large format soviet camera

To bring the camera to the working position, you need to press the button on the top of the body and flip down the lens cover. Then, holding the special plates, pull the lens forward along the runners on the cover

For modern photographers, the process of working with this large format soviet camera can seem very complicated and lengthy. But of course, in those days it was considered something ordinary, and most of the cameras of those years had a similar principle of operation.

large format soviet camera ARFO-2a

As with the EFTE and ARFO-2 cameras, this large-format USSR camera is a rather interesting camera. And as with most other cameras, ARFO-2a is a copy of German cameras. But unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find these cameras in good condition and at a low price.

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