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Komsomolets (ARFO)

Komsomolets arfo camera

Komsomolets is a simpler version of the ARFO-4 camera. This camera was equipped with a 6.3 / 120 lens (according to another version – there was also a variation 6.3 / 105) and a shutter with speeds of 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, B and T (for focusing by ground glass).

The camera has a format of 6.5×9 cm and is intended for the beginners. In the Komsomolets camera, the lens stand is greatly simplified, the frame viewfinder is entirely located on the rear standard of the body.

Komsomolets large format camera
Komsomolets camera
Komsomolets arfo

As we said earlier, a constructive simplification of the ARFO-4 was carried out with the aim of producing a cheaper camera designed for the mass consumer.

Although the camera is simple, the quality is not worse than in previous versions, that is, ARFO-4 and earlier. These cameras are also quite difficult to find on online stores in good condition and at an affordable price.

Komsomolets large format ussr camera

Komsomolets camera creates very classic photographs in its atmosphere. This is facilitated by the triplet lens, created back in the 19th century, as well as the large frame format.

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