ARFO 2 soviet large format camera

The large-format ARFO-2 camera was produced from 1933 to 1938. Cameras called ARFO replaced the EFTE cameras that we talked about earlier.

The production of large-format ARFO cameras began with the second model, that is, with ARFO-2, which simply replaced EFTE-2, that is, there is no camera called ARFO-1.

The first models actually did not differ much from EFTE cameras. The very first models even had EFTE inscriptions above the lens.

ARFO 2 ussr camera
ARFO 2 soviet camera

The ARFO-2 is a plate folding camera of 9×12 format. Focusing occurs by a ground glass using a lever drive located in front on the slides of the lens board. A frame viewfinder is used for composing.

The ARFO-2 was produced with an EFTE shutter (shutter speeds 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, B and T) and an ARFO periscope lens (F = 15 cm), or with a shutter “ARFO” (shutter speeds 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, “B” and “T”) and anastigmat “ARFO” lens (6.3 / 135).

soviet large format camera

This camera is also a very simple tool in the hands of the photographer. Here are the most basic things that should be in any camera. There are not those things that are so loved by many users of large format cameras – that is, the ability to move the front and rear standards.

ussr large format camera
soviet large format camera arfo
soviet large format cameras

But with all this, ARFO-2 a pretty good camera if you want to get acquainted with Soviet medium format cameras. But, as is the case with most Soviet large format cameras, it is very difficult to find an ARFO-2 camera in a more or less normal state and at an adequate price.

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